Tuesday, March 22, 2011

\m/ METAL \m/

I came to somber realization that i will not be watching my beloved Jazz in the playoffs this year.  Luckily April has some killer/face melting, headbanging shows to distract us from these dark times.  The show i'm most anticipating is Eagle Twin @ The Urban Lounge April 23.  This band RULES.  They sound like they came from hell, in fact i'm sure Satan listens to them while torturing people.  Singer/guitarist Gentry Densley low almost indistinguishable voice kinda sounds like a Minotaur with a smoking problem and drummer Tyler Smith, simply put, hits harder then anyone you'll ever see. When i saw them last, Smith's drumstick broke midsong and nearly impaled me in the stomache.  Which would have been sooo metal.  So if youre interested in powerful noisey Doom/Sludge Metal come to this show! it'll be perfect to get all that Sloan-less agression out.

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