Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Vile Blue Shades - John Thursday(yes those are vaginas) *caution* listening to this album may cause increased heart rate, uncontrollable movement of the limbs and painfully hard erections! 

So i woke up this morning with a Vile Blue Shades song stuck in my head, i think it was Jesus' way of trying to get me to go repent cause every show of theirs i went to was full of sin and debauchery.  Thats what their show were though.  Drunk, sweaty dance parties with lots of friends. lots of ass shaking. and lots of licking strangers faces.  Click the link below the pic to buy their LP, seriously though its doesnt do their live show justice.

Its been almost a year since they played their last show at Urban Lounge (and each day that passes my party soul dies a little more.)   They were the best live band EVER.  Ryan missed like two versus in this song but no one there even noticed cause we were all having such a great fucking time.  So get drunk or do drugs watch this video and go bang your girlfriend/boyfriend/orstranger if you dont then youre totally missing the point. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Such a great weekend!

It's officially my new favorite holiday.  Miguel, the wife and I had a great day visiting Graywhale, Randy's Records and Slowtrain.  We got to see friends, hear bands and buy some super awesome records.  My favorites we got: Television, Grateful Dead, both Black Angels, Sacred Bones Comp and also found two old Black Flag LP's at Graywhale for cheap.  Wonderful day.  The weekend started off lame with Phosphorescent having to cancel his show due to weather but was immediately brought back to life with Moon Duo being ridiculous at Kilby Court. 
Working on some interviews for the next couple of weeks and also some concert reviews.
We hope you all got out and celebrated the holiest of days this past Saturday but if not remember any day has the chance to be record store day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phosphorescent is Tomorrow at Urban Lounge

I think this picture is pretty representative of Phosphorescent's sound.  Stripped down jams wrapped in soft hues perfect for when you've just woken up.  Matthew Houck has recorded three great albums and will be playing selections from them tomorrow night at Urban Lounge.

His label was nice enough to share some mp3's so check him out and see if he floats your boat:  Mermaid Parade and It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're From Alabama)
 Check him out live:

Only $12 at the door.


In 2009 Ripley Johnson, of the uber-rad Wooden Shjips, and Sanae Yamada formed the incredible psychedelic band Moon Duo.  With Mazes, their new record available here and at Slowtrain, they have let some light into their drone jams that populated their first releases.  I was able to interview Ripley about the band and about coming to Kilby Court on Friday night (ONLY $10!!) through the magic of electronic mail so check it out:

Bad News Bear: Are you originally from San Francisco or did you migrate there to be around like minded folk?
Ripley Johnson: I'm originally from New England and moved to California to go to college.  But there was definitely a romantic notion that California would be full of like-minded people, being a big fan of the beats and all things psychedelic at the time.
BNB: San Francisco seems to be producing all my favorite bands lately, from Fresh & Onlys to Thee Oh Sees to you guys I just seem to love anything made out there.  What do you see in the community that seems to inspire such amazing creativity?
RJ: It is a community that is very supportive of the arts, even though financially it is now a very difficult place for artists to survive.  But it is a very open and free place, a comfortable place to let your freak flag fly.
BNB: So you formed Moon Duo in 2009 and have been incredibly prolific since with two incredible EP's, a couple of singles and your first full length, Mazes, which just came out at the end of March.  Is this a pace you plan on keeping up?
RJ: I hope so.  We'd like to continue to release smaller records in between LP's.  I like to maintain that flow of creativity, unhampered by label release schedules.  I was reminded on the radio yesterday that Creedence released their first four albums in the span of two years.  Pretty incredible.

BNB: Were a lot of these songs already kicking around in your head before the band started or was the chemistry just super strong right from the start?
RJ:  The template for the band, which is very basic, was there but not the songs.  It's Sanae's first band so it was easy to establish a good working process from the start.  There was no baggage and lots of enthusiasm.
BNB: Mazes is great on its own but seems intended to be consumed with an intoxicant or two, which would you recommend for optimal enjoyment?
RJ: I'm no doctor but right now I'm really into iced tea.
BNB: As a fellow beard enthusiast, what recommendations would you have for any of our readers about beard upkeep?
RJ: Shaving requires effort.  Growing does not.  Eat your vegetables.

BNB:  What would make for your ideal concert here in Salt Lake?
RJ: Lots of happy folks dancing. 
(Editor's note: That's on you folks!  Come to the show.  Info here.)
BNB: What bands led to you becoming a musician?
RJ: My dad had a huge and varied record collection.  It seemed completely random.  Lot's of good stuff but lot's of complete crap too.  I picked out the early Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, ? and the Mysterians.  It was the Stones mostly that made me want to play guitar.
BNB: What are the bands today you're most excited about?
RJ: Cave, Purling Hiss, Coconuts, Fabulous Diamonds, Peaking Lights, Sun Araw.
BNB: and finally, will my dream of a Wooden Shjips/Moon Duo tour ever happen?
RJ: We've done a couple of shows together out of necessity over in Europe but it's way too much work for me.  So it's very unlikely.

Don't miss this show.  Every song these two have put out so far have been incredible so I expect that the show will live up to that standard.  Once again, it's at Kilby Court on Friday.  It's $10!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Awesome Bandcamp Gold!!!

Both of these great albums are name your own price so if you dig what you hear throw them some sheckles.
Thomas Hunter and White China Gold - White China Gold (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Super awesome, soulful folky cool stuff.  I love this album, it's so damn good.

Albino Father - Blanket
Awesome local band.  They opened for Sic Alps at Subterranean.  Really cool garagey goodness.  I love this stuff, it's just so pretty.  GET IT GET IT!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've been thinking a lot about this lately...

The Jazz suck pretty bad lately but I'm crazy excited about the future.  They're super young, have two lottery picks and a 7'2" guy coming from Europe who would be the first pick this year if he was eligible.  I have no delusions of a championship next year but if the ping pong balls show us some love we could be freaking awesome in two or three years.
I know this is a music blog but it's also a Salt Lake blog and Alien and I love us some Utah Jazz so don't be surprised to see more stuff about them.


So april 23rd poses a bit of a dilemma.  Eagle Twin is gonna be playing in SLC at Urban Lounge, while Uzi Rash will be getting crazy the same night at The Compound down in Provo.  Its the classic two dates in one night situation, i promise you can't manage both (if Zack Morris cant do it, neither can you).  Both will rule Ill definitely be getting trashy in provo, but heres some vids that hopefully will help you choose.

EAGLE TWIN - Heavy Hooves (this shit is DIABOLICAL, it should be played at haunted houses)

 Uzi Rash - On Safari
go to there myspace( here ) and listen to the track New Masks.  Do it! NOW! its DOPE!

ALIEN  ()()

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Calendar!

Friday 4/8 - Matthew Nanes & Tate @ Kilby $6
Saturday 4/9 - Kool Keith @ Urban $17
I remember the first time i heard this song.  I was like 17 in highschool and my bro left for the Soft Fog of San Francisco, leaving behind an unmarked cd with some octagon on it.  This song came on and i had a whatthefuck moment, .  It sounded like it was from the future, the crazy laser noises, ridiculous lyrics about turning invisible and fighting pentagons.   It blew my fucking mind(pretty sure i was high) and none of my friends knew who the hell it was.  The cd got trashed and i didnt find out who it was until 4years later when a buddy played it for me.  My brain recognized it immediately and i was finally reunited with my old highschool sweetheart.  I guess what im trying to say is GO TO THIS SHOW. (ps DJ Q bert did all the scratching on this album.  dope.)  - ALIEN

Monday 4/11 - Young Prisms @ Urban $6
Wednesday 4/13 - Cold Cave @ Urban $10
Thursday 4/14 - Phosphorescent @Urban $10
Friday 4/15 - Moon Duo @ Kilby $10
Moon Duo is definitely my can't miss show for April.  They are so damn great.  I wish they were playing a bar though.
Friday 4/15 - The Submarines @ Urban $10
Saturday 4/16 - Cave Singers @ kilby $10

Saturday 4/ 16 - Mondo Drag & Spell Talk @ Urban $6
Monday 4/18 - Dark Dark Dark @ Kilby $8
Tuesday 4/18 - Starfucker @ Kilby & Urban $12
Awesome good time whenever they come to town.  I love that they play both Kilby and Urban.
Thursday 4/21 - Deftones @ In the Venue $32.50
Old school.  I loved the Deftones and have still never seen them live.  Hopefully that's cured this month although it's crazy expensive.
Thursday 4/21 - Maserati with The Lionelle @ Urban $8
Sunday 4/24 - The Builders & the Butchers @ Urban $8
My second most anticipated show for the month.  This is going to be suh-weet!
Monday 4/25 - Tobacco @ Urban $10
Wednesday 4/27 - Dead Prez & Shad @ Urban $17
Saturday 4/30 - La Farsa & Red Bennies @ Woodshed $7

That's the shows I'm most looking forward to.  Should be a fun month.  I'm sure the Compound in Provo has a few awesome shows this month too but I lost the cheat sheet I had about them.
We are working on more interviews.  I've been horribly lazy in e-mailing and we'll also post some videos and mp3's soon.

Thanks for reading this.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Uzi Rash Group Band

Uzi Rash is a rad band based out of Oakland, Ca.  They'll be playing down in Provo at The Compound April 23rd. I had the pleasure of chatting with them over email and this is how it went

Alien:Who is the Uzi Rash Group and their Band?

: The uzi rash group is not a group of people but an idea or set of ideals (ridiculous propaganda) that work through a set of people. for right now the music band is comprised of max nordile, steve0, courtney crusher, and mick. and sometimes cody. and sometimes paddy. and andy. and laura. but there have been others. for now I (m.nordile) will speak for the group.

A: You guys are from Brooklyn right? And are now based out of Oakland?

M: The group began in seattle wa in 2007 and will end in oakland ca in

A: Ah yes my ancestors Warned me of the year 2012.  What do you expect to
happen and how are you preparing?

M: In 2012 extraterrestrial reptoids that live straddling the gutter betwixt the 4th and 5th dimension will descend from above to eat our flesh and drink our blood. they will harvest our energy from our vessels like the farmer separating the wheat from the chaff. we prepare by giving the gifts of art and music to the world, into the air, through the atmosphere. beautiful groovy mellow vibes that quell hate, fear, and dirty dishes. also, that year marks the end of the uzi rash band, as we began in 2007. following the precepts of our 5 year plan  (according to the rule of 5s) we will self destruct on the shores of mono lake only to be reborn in a more purely dumb fashion.

A: Well both Coasts have exploded with really awesome DIY bands the past few years.  How would you describe both scenes? Does everyone help each other out or is it kind of cut throat?

M: We have explored bicoastality and concluded that california is the more welcoming environ(sic) for our peaceful jaunt to trashtopia. There is a wonderful group of freaks out here creating all manner of rackets and electrical sockets stick out prominently from shanty hotels so that we may plug in and join in the cacophony.

A: Where is Trashtopia And how do I get there?

M: Trashtopia is everywhere. It is civilization. It is every city. It is religion, work, commerce, cars, teachers, bosses, surplus agriculturalism, domestication of animals, serf rock, the arts. It is
the whole shebang. It is our detritus cloaked earth.

A: Who are your favorite Bay Area bands right now?


A: What bands inspired you guys to pick up instruments and make music?

M: We were inspired to create music by having a simultaneous collective vision of the words "UZI RASH" spelled out in sweat droplets on Bud Tutmarcs forehead. it was quite a sight!

A: I know you guys covered a Dolly Parton song, have you ever considered trashing up a gospel song of Bud Tutmarcs?

M: No, we would never cover a bud tutmarc song.

A: How would you describe the Uzi Rash sound?

M: We play the "Northwest Sound", high and freeee, caterwauling and wild,
perpendicular and untameable, formulaic and primitive, dumb and stupid. we are trashbags on a morons errand!

A: Your LP "High and Phree" came with ground up salvia.  I started to think how listening to "High and Phree" on salvia would probably make my head explode.  The first time i smoked it, everyone/thing in the room began to get sucked out of the back door, and i morphed into the table.  Do you have any crazy Salvia stories?

M: I forget wha some LPs actually included atropa belladonna, along with related plants such as jimson weed (Datura stramonium), which have occasionally been used as a recreational drug because of the vivid hallucinations and delirium that it produces. These hallucinations are most commonly described as very unpleasant, however, and recreational use is considered extremely dangerous because of the high risk of unintentional fatal overdose. In addition, the central nervous system effects of atropine include memory disruption, which may lead to severe confusion.

Once, we saw black and white for a few days and had (another) collective vision. we saw the land without buildings or people in the manner it was first presented many many years ago. itwas pretty coolnice.

THIS is pretty coolnice. continue thee asking!

A: How did you get hooked up with the soldiers at The Compound in Provo?

M: Dani nosebleed, an UZI RASH alumni, is a frequent visitor to utah.  she, as well as oakland compatriots Knifey Spoony, pointed us the direction of the compound.

A: You played a Halloween show as The Monks, have they influenced how you perform live?

M: The monks have influenced us in most every aspect except their musical eptitude. "cool" hair too. you can really feel that autumn breeze!

A: Uzi Rash recently put out the "I saw you" 7in, is there an LP coming out that we can look forward to?

M: We will have copies of our third LP "palmwine rumpus vol. 2" (on partngg! records) when we happen upon yr strange desert have this spring. in addition we will have "i was 30 in 2012" coming out on volar records this august.

A: What Can People expect April 23rd at The Compound?

M: People can expect much singing, dancing and carrying on! revelry of a debauched and degenerate sort, total idiocy, explorations of creative expression through maladroit and tuneless musical meanderings, and, naturally, much flaunting of the disregarded "4th wall". fuck it, give us a moist hug. or offer us a nip from ye olde huffing pen. all rash Happenings are byo duster.

A: Anything else you wanna tell the people of Utah?

M: We are fascinated by mormons--our last words.

Thanks to Max for doing an Alien Interview.  Be sure to check them out and buy some merch when they play The Compound April 23rd