Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Vile Blue Shades - John Thursday(yes those are vaginas) *caution* listening to this album may cause increased heart rate, uncontrollable movement of the limbs and painfully hard erections! 

So i woke up this morning with a Vile Blue Shades song stuck in my head, i think it was Jesus' way of trying to get me to go repent cause every show of theirs i went to was full of sin and debauchery.  Thats what their show were though.  Drunk, sweaty dance parties with lots of friends. lots of ass shaking. and lots of licking strangers faces.  Click the link below the pic to buy their LP, seriously though its doesnt do their live show justice.

Its been almost a year since they played their last show at Urban Lounge (and each day that passes my party soul dies a little more.)   They were the best live band EVER.  Ryan missed like two versus in this song but no one there even noticed cause we were all having such a great fucking time.  So get drunk or do drugs watch this video and go bang your girlfriend/boyfriend/orstranger if you dont then youre totally missing the point. 

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