Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Calendar!

Friday 4/8 - Matthew Nanes & Tate @ Kilby $6
Saturday 4/9 - Kool Keith @ Urban $17
I remember the first time i heard this song.  I was like 17 in highschool and my bro left for the Soft Fog of San Francisco, leaving behind an unmarked cd with some octagon on it.  This song came on and i had a whatthefuck moment, .  It sounded like it was from the future, the crazy laser noises, ridiculous lyrics about turning invisible and fighting pentagons.   It blew my fucking mind(pretty sure i was high) and none of my friends knew who the hell it was.  The cd got trashed and i didnt find out who it was until 4years later when a buddy played it for me.  My brain recognized it immediately and i was finally reunited with my old highschool sweetheart.  I guess what im trying to say is GO TO THIS SHOW. (ps DJ Q bert did all the scratching on this album.  dope.)  - ALIEN

Monday 4/11 - Young Prisms @ Urban $6
Wednesday 4/13 - Cold Cave @ Urban $10
Thursday 4/14 - Phosphorescent @Urban $10
Friday 4/15 - Moon Duo @ Kilby $10
Moon Duo is definitely my can't miss show for April.  They are so damn great.  I wish they were playing a bar though.
Friday 4/15 - The Submarines @ Urban $10
Saturday 4/16 - Cave Singers @ kilby $10

Saturday 4/ 16 - Mondo Drag & Spell Talk @ Urban $6
Monday 4/18 - Dark Dark Dark @ Kilby $8
Tuesday 4/18 - Starfucker @ Kilby & Urban $12
Awesome good time whenever they come to town.  I love that they play both Kilby and Urban.
Thursday 4/21 - Deftones @ In the Venue $32.50
Old school.  I loved the Deftones and have still never seen them live.  Hopefully that's cured this month although it's crazy expensive.
Thursday 4/21 - Maserati with The Lionelle @ Urban $8
Sunday 4/24 - The Builders & the Butchers @ Urban $8
My second most anticipated show for the month.  This is going to be suh-weet!
Monday 4/25 - Tobacco @ Urban $10
Wednesday 4/27 - Dead Prez & Shad @ Urban $17
Saturday 4/30 - La Farsa & Red Bennies @ Woodshed $7

That's the shows I'm most looking forward to.  Should be a fun month.  I'm sure the Compound in Provo has a few awesome shows this month too but I lost the cheat sheet I had about them.
We are working on more interviews.  I've been horribly lazy in e-mailing and we'll also post some videos and mp3's soon.

Thanks for reading this.


  1. Awesome, Adam. Makes me wish I was still in SLC!
    Cave Singers is reminiscent of old Modest Mouse...

  2. april=4th month, not the 5th :)

  3. Thanks Brinley, I'm an idiot. Alien fixed it real good though.

  4. Leigh, you live in Brooklyn, you should never wish to be back in SLC for a concert.