Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Such a great weekend!

It's officially my new favorite holiday.  Miguel, the wife and I had a great day visiting Graywhale, Randy's Records and Slowtrain.  We got to see friends, hear bands and buy some super awesome records.  My favorites we got: Television, Grateful Dead, both Black Angels, Sacred Bones Comp and also found two old Black Flag LP's at Graywhale for cheap.  Wonderful day.  The weekend started off lame with Phosphorescent having to cancel his show due to weather but was immediately brought back to life with Moon Duo being ridiculous at Kilby Court. 
Working on some interviews for the next couple of weeks and also some concert reviews.
We hope you all got out and celebrated the holiest of days this past Saturday but if not remember any day has the chance to be record store day.

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