Thursday, April 7, 2011


So april 23rd poses a bit of a dilemma.  Eagle Twin is gonna be playing in SLC at Urban Lounge, while Uzi Rash will be getting crazy the same night at The Compound down in Provo.  Its the classic two dates in one night situation, i promise you can't manage both (if Zack Morris cant do it, neither can you).  Both will rule Ill definitely be getting trashy in provo, but heres some vids that hopefully will help you choose.

EAGLE TWIN - Heavy Hooves (this shit is DIABOLICAL, it should be played at haunted houses)

 Uzi Rash - On Safari
go to there myspace( here ) and listen to the track New Masks.  Do it! NOW! its DOPE!

ALIEN  ()()

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